Proven Technology Expretise Across Multiple Industries

Service Industry Solutions

Different industries have different needs, but something that every industry has in common is a need to stay current with their technology. IT is always evolving, with cloud solutions, cloud platforms, and everything in between constantly improving. Cloud computing is on the rise and technology changes are coming down the pike all the time, so keeping up can be an intimidating ordeal for you to manage on your own. 

Whether you are currently using a private cloud or public cloud, are looking to upgrade to either, or are even hoping to move to a hybrid cloud service, you need a partner that understands the different aspects of your industry and can provide solutions specific to your unique needs and problems. Tridius has experience with the cloud computing market, Microsoft services, and everything IT, so we can offer you the help you need to fit your market size and growth rate goals. 

The largest segment of many businesses often resides in the IT department. Keeping up with the advancements in technology can be difficult, which is compounded by IT being the fastest-growing segment of your business. However, when you find the perfect partner to foster a stronger IT mentality and practices, your troubles will soon disappear. Tridius has the tools and knowledge to provide excellent IT service that will put you ahead of the competition.

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Industry Cloud Solutions

Each industry uses the cloud differently. Some use it for mass storage, others for organization and security, others still for data analysis, and some use it for all of the above. Regardless of what you are looking to get out of your cloud services, Tridius provides you with the tools and understanding necessary to create a dependable, lasting service that you can manage and benefit from.

Managed IT Services by Industry

Keeping up with your IT services, especially for your specific industry, can be a daunting task. Management means overseeing every moving part and creating strategies around planning and implementation. If this sounds too difficult, you’re in luck. The professionals at Tridius are experts at assessment, analysis, and implementation practices and will even help to educate you every step of the way. You’ll never again have to worry about how to create the perfect plan.


The healthcare industry requires taking in a lot of information and storing it safely so it is not lost or compromised at the expense of the clients who rely on you. With so much information to store and manage, healthcare is primed as a perfect use case for the cloud services industry. Tridius can help you create the perfect IT experience by helping you migrate to the cloud, expand your storage, analyze your data, or all of the above.


The entertainment industry relies on POS systems, kiosks, customer engagement, and so much more. All of these require the latest that technology has to offer, from use of the cloud to access to applications to make everything run more smoothly. Tridius has ample experience in aiding companies in creating their ideal systems and applications to meet customer needs while retaining maximum efficiency and simplicity.

Services For Any Field

No matter what your industry is, Tridius has the tools to provide you stable, exceptional IT solutions for everything from applications to cloud usage.


The finance industry deals with a lot of sensitive client information and has to have this data securely stored away while still being able to provide convenient transactions and ready access to services upon request. To fulfill the needs of your clients while keeping them safe, the best course of action is upgrading your data storage and analysis with the cloud or other applications. Tridius has the necessary tools to bring you success.

Oil and Gas

In an industry that is always in flux due to outside influence, oil- and gas-related businesses require state-of-the-art data analysis and management so that they are able to keep up with the constantly shifting landscape. To see greater returns and more efficient data use than ever before, you can rely on Tridius to help you get the job done.


Manufacturing requires constant vigilance and data management to ensure you get the most out of your services. Your clients are looking for speed, accuracy, and efficiency when it comes to your services, and Tridius has the tools and experience necessary to provide you with a service you can be proud of. You’ll never fall behind the competition with Tridius as your technology partner.

IT Expertise

If you are looking for an IT partner that truly cares, contact us today, we would love to talk with you.

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