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Technology Consulting Services

Technology solutions are necessary in an age of technological evolution and changes across multiple industries. Systems that you were using not long ago may be obsolete today or tomorrow, and you need to have a plan in place for when that day inevitably comes. You need an answer to whatever issue may crop up in the future around your technology, be it a move to the cloud, understanding the value of your data internally, or updating security systems across the board. With a technology partner like Tridius, anything is possible.

Tridius can help you through any update or modification that you are hoping to make to your services and provide you with insight and information on how to improve as time goes on. Our technology cloud solutions are some of the best on the market. We are also close partners with Microsoft, giving us unique insights into their platforms, tools, and industry knowledge, ensuring a high quality of delivery. Our IT strategy consulting services can help keep you informed and ahead of the curve. Tridius does more than your average technology consulting firm by following through with action, aid, and education. We don’t just tell you what needs to be fixed; we show you how you can do it,  and we work alongside you to ensure you are operating at peak efficiency.

Anything and everything you might need for IT can be solved through Tridius.
Cloud support to security, we handle any challenge you might encounter with poise and purpose.

Strategy Services

Tridius provides incredible business management services for your team, as our team understands business people and how they think. We can help your business grow or downsize accordingly and get through any sort of life cycle events in your organization. We help you feel more comfortable around technology by setting up strategies around proper implementation into your various services. We provide management consulting for your technology implementation, process innovation, and cloud planning. Preparation goes a long way.

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Microsoft Cloud Services

Tridius is a proud partner of Microsoft, meaning that we can provide you with top-notch cloud computing services and industry-leading cloud infrastructures and tools. We help you protect your data centers with cloud security, introduce you to Microsoft Azure to improve the breadth of tools at your disposal, create cloud strategies along with you, and provide you with cloud-based training for any scenario. From disaster recovery to understanding the differences between public cloud and private cloud services, Tridius has your back.

Services Your IT Can’t Live Without

From applications to support, Tridius provides you the tools necessary to see continuous success across your business.

Application Development

Rapid delivery and value chain movement are essential to you and important to us at Tridius, so let us help you find the best of both worlds. With our application development services, you are able to precisely determine the value of a service or tool before it goes into production. We help you understand the requirements and expertise needed for accurate deployment and implementation, integrating these into your work environment and executing them side by side. You need presence and professional consulting to achieve results that stand out, and Tridius can help you get those results.

4-9 months

on average to create one application

Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence is vital to your everyday operations. As a Microsoft partner, Tridius provides you a powerful platform to help visualize and organize your data to better use it in future projects. We help you analyze the health of your organization and provide you with an interactive dashboard that shows you the metrics and data from your different divisions. We can display your data in real time across multiple platforms and show you how it can best be implemented into future projects and projections based on the analysis.


of companies say that the cloud is essential to their BI

Managed Services

As a Microsoft partner, Tridius holds extensive expertise in Azure and Microsoft cloud technologies and applications. We can help you plan a strategy around your technology management, from Azure to Office 365 to applications. We provide you with solutions that help you determine whether you are even able to take on certain services, how they could be improved, how to manage and strategize them, and where we can offer a helping hand.


growth in the IT industry per year

Solutions For Any Occasion

No matter what your need might be, Tridius has a specialized solution just for you. Stress-free IT starts here.

IT Expertise

If you are looking for an IT partner that truly cares, contact us today, we would love to talk with you.

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