Cloud Analytics

Uncover opportunity,
growth and insight when you tap
into your cloud data with ease

Microsoft Cloud Analytics Identifies Business Next Steps

Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System offers you incredibly fast performance with nearly instantaneous insight into your data, no matter how much you have, or where it is located.

Pinpoint Goals

Knowledge is Power

  • Get insight into how processes or services are performing
  • Discover ideas for optimization
  • Gain threat intelligence on the security
Data Details

Data-enabled Outcomes

  • Enhance customer engagement and retention
  • Increase the effectiveness of your service model
  • Improve productivity
Company Uniqueness

The Microsoft Difference

  • Real-time insight into data
  • Massive processing
  • Big data integration
  • Query across the cloud and data clusters
  • Cost-efficient
  • Built-in security monitoring and analysis

Get Data Expertise + a Microsoft Gold Partner

Your data warehouse is home to an incredible amount of information that you could be using to improve your business. Every bit of data helps, and so can Tridius. With our Microsoft analytics expertise, you will know your business better than ever before. Let’s get started.

The Right Technology to Connect, Investigate, and Analyze Your Business Data in the Cloud

As a world-class SQL server coupled with enterprise-class hardware, The Microsoft Cloud Analytics Platform System supports any scale and size of data, workloads, and users. Incorporating relational and nonrelational data, it adds governance and federation across data assets and systems.

Combined with the flexibility to grow as your business does, the Microsoft Cloud Analytics Platform System is your data analytics choice for life.

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